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Hot Dog Goes Home

I tried studying the trees as Wei taught me, seeing them for what they were as opposed to what they appeared to be. But soon enough the novelty began to fade, and the verdant branches began to convulse and fold into themselves as if suppressing some instinct to articulate itself into a single entity – one hulking tree swallowing the entire state of Utah.

Your Footsteps, My Destination

Some evenings, he was a Finnish immigrant who lost his job to Chinese strikebreakers; Another, an Irish mercenary under instructions from the local government; Once, my father described him as an otherworldly figure, ascended from Hell; who doesn't age, excels at every task, and wears a hat to hide his protruding horns.

Strong Opinions, Loosley Held

Where can I charge my phone in this... dungeon.

There's an outlet here, let me just unplug this.

That's the life support!

Game Narrative

Item Descriptions

                    [Investigate Window]
The windows are barred by four narrow concrete columns. A block of sunlight slips through the bars and into the gloom of the cell. In it a swarm of mosquitoes buzz about.

Investigate Bed]
A ramshackle nest woven out of the most diverse materials. Some of the wooden support beams have begun to rot.


What if it can't be fixed?

Then it'll be torn apart and pieced back together. Regardless of any aspirations it once had, Baizhou is just one city of many.

Will the public swallow that?

The public swallows everything.

Skills Descriptions

  1. 学者智慧  - Scholar's Wisdom
    In a realm marked by turmoil and secrets, your mind is a vault of hidden knowledge. It bestows upon you unparalleled insight, from ancient laws to whispered intrigues. the cornerstone of a discerning magistrate.
    1. At high levels, Scholar's Wisdom will transform you into a beacon of erudition, effortlessly deciphering even the most perplexing mysteries. Your unmatched intellect, however, may breed arrogance, causing you to overlook simple truths in favor of grander theories. At low levels, your mind will struggle to grasp even basic principles, leaving you vulnerable to deception and misinformation.